Sports event

Simultaneous interpretation of a world-class sports event at the Akron Stadium.

Event on Artificial Intelligence

Simultaneous interpretation of event on Artificial Intelligence at Conjunto Santander.

International event on Makeup

Consecutive interpretation for international conference on makeup techniques at Expo Guadalajara.

Conference on Human Resources

Simultaneous interpretation of conference on Human Resources at Expo Guadalajara.

Event on agriculture

Consecutive interpretation at an event on agriculture and seed genetics.

Event on agriculture

Consecutive interpretation at an event on berries and plant genetics.

Rehabilitation Sessions

Connectional collaborating as an English-Spanish interpreter for rehabilitation sessions with an expert from Canada and Mexican families at Hotel Diana.

Technology Conferences

Simultaneous interpreting at Expo Guadalajara on Information Technology.

Civil Engineering Symposium

Simultaneous interpreting of a symposium on civil engineering and lean construction.

Event at the Municipal Palace

Simultaneous interpreting at the Municipal Palace of Zapopan for the presentation of the seismic risk study of the area.

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